Ramping Up

Last year, I wrote a personal blog about feeling a little lost at the Holy Days and recognizing that I needed the month of Elul to ramp up towards Rosh HaShanah so that I could be intellectually and emotionally prepared for the Holy Days.  So this year, I have been reading two things every day.

The first is a Craig’n’Co (Craig Taubman) initiative called Jewels of Elul.  You can sign up for a daily email, each written by a different inspiring Jew, and have it delivered right to your inbox.  Some days it’s a poem, others a personal journey, and others a challenging thought.  Each one ends with a reflection question of the day.

The second way I am honoring Elul is that every day I am reading a piece of the book Jewish Sages of Today. I ran across this book online one day, following links through someone’s twitter feed.  I have committed myself to reading the essays about these modern-day “sages” and considering the work they do, the message they send, and what I am doing to embody those messages.

Each day, you can following my Elul musings on my Twitter feed (located in the right-side column of the blog), or by directly following me on Twitter, or on the JewishGPS Facebook page.

Wishing each of you a meaningful Elul.

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