The Doctor Is In (Finally!)

Photo May 15, 2 14 00 PMAfter a 10-year journey, I have OFFICIALLY completed my EdD (Doctorate of Education).
My doctorate, from Northeastern University, focused on K-12 Education.  In addition, I was dual-enrolled in Hebrew College where I received a Doctoral Certificate in Jewish Education Leadership.

My dissertation, entitled “Understanding How Under-Engaged Jewish Teens Self-Articulate and Self-Express Jewish Identity and Jewish Education” can be found here.  But let me assure you, if you are truly interested, the good stuff is in Chapters Four and Five.

Chapter Four is “Results” which includes deep portraits of three Atlanta-area Jewish teens who participated in supplemental religious education through bar/bat mitzvah and then dropped out of organized Jewish programs and education.  These teens were juniors and seniors during the research phase.  Their portraits include a lot of dialogue, photos of Jewish artifacts they describe as meaningful, and a self-expression photo or graphic project (complete with captions) which they believe portrays their identity.  The section then offers a summary of emergent themes from across the study participants.

Chapter Five is the “Discussion, Implications and Recommendations” section which outlines the implications and recommendations I am made based on the research conducted.  Much of it focused on curricular and program recommendations while a small section touches on marketing and recruitment in Jewish education.

There will be MANY blog posts, journal articles and presentations given on this research, but for now, I just wanted to share that it is complete and available for your reading pleasure.

I look forward to hearing your questions and feedback about the work!

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